Lankhorst Engineered  Products

Lankhorst Engineered Products develops and produces high quality plastic products, based on recycled as well as virgin materials.

Lankhorst Engineered Products is a subsidiary of the WireCo World Group.

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High-quality Offshore  products

Lankhorst provides high-quality engineering products for sub-sea risers and flow lines. With our unique thick-walled plastic production technology, we can supply high-quality, high-impact resistant products for the offshore industry.

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World class coil storage  solutions

Lankhorst Mouldings produces a wide range of both single and multi-layer coil storage systems, that will improve the safety of your coil storage warehouse tremendously.

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Pipe storage systems 

For safe stacking of your pipes Lankhorst has developed the FixFLEX pipe carrier and the PipeStop System.

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Lankhorst Mouldings Rail 

We have developed different types of composite cross ties as an alternative for crossties made of tropical hardwood, creosoted oak orconcrete.

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Sheet and roll material  flat-die-extrusion

Ekon is the leading producer of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) sheet and roll material through the flat-die-extrusion process.

Sustainable recycled  plastic products

Recycled plastic products such as poles and planks, plastic jetties, sheet piling, decking, façade panels, street furniture, pile planking and bridges.

Innovative solutions  in plastics

Our Custom Mouldings department develops customer-specific tailored products. Our plastic products are often the ideal replacement or alternative for products made of wood, metal or concrete.

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